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 F u r r y F o r e s t . c o m
Based in Ayrshire, Scotland.

Contact :- Tel 01465 821087  Mob 07802 438224

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Saturday, October 8, 2016, 09:17 PM

by FurryForest

 Welcome to FurryForest.com


"Hello and Welcome to FurryForest's Animal Blog. Here you'll find news and articles on Pet care, pets for sale and a whole host of other tasty treats including the babies we have for sale.

These can include miniature pedigree ponies, pedigree kittens, pedigree puppies (both Dogs and Guinea pigs.... yes, a baby Guinea Pig is called a Pup!!!  )  rabbits, ducks and chickens.

Based in Ayrshire Scotland, just off the Galloway National Park, our animals enjoy the luxury of being in the middle of the Forest which is a  heartening environment for strong growth and healthy animals.
People travel from all over the UK to come and see us and with 3o years in the Veterinary Practice you're assured of intelligent advice from someone who knows.

If you have any queries about your pet don't hesitate to ask for advice. If you'd like to know what animals are due to be born, call us if the information isn't already posted on the website.

From time to time we update our Galleries, not just with Animals for sale, with peoples pets they've bought from us and have sent images showing their progress.

We hope you like what you find here and look forwards to helping you find just the right Pet. "

Maxine Gosden.

Saturday, October 8, 2016, 09:06 PM

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